Dale Rogers

About Dale

Dale is a Senior Level Certified Polygraph Examiner

  • National Forensic Certified Examiner, recognized as polygraph expert for court testimony
  • Membership and Certifications from, APA-American Polygraph Association, AAPP-American Association of Police Polygrapher. NPA-National Polygraph Association, NWPEA-Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association
  • Senior level certified polygraph examiner for – Idaho Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing, Certification form Idaho Sexual Offender Management Board ( SOMB)
  • Conducted over 3600 polygraph exams, Polygraph Examiner for 20 yrs
  • Conduct polygraph exams for Criminal Issues, Pre-Employment, Internal Affairs with Law Enforcement Agencies, Clinical Polygraph Exams for Court Appointed Psychologists Conducting Pre-Sentence Psycho-sexual evaluations, Fidelity Tests, Post Conviction Sexual Offender Management exams


Cell: (208) 573-9328
Business Mgt Phone: : (208) 345-5212