Steve Bartlett

About Steve

Steve Bartlett and his family have lived in the Treasure Valley since 1997. He has been a strong and active member of our community, participating in several board member positions for local organizations.

  • Bachelor of Science degree as well as an Executive Certificate out of the State of Idaho. He is also recognized as an instructor and expert in numerous training topics within the State of Idaho.
  • Graduated from the Arizona School of Polygraph Science in March of 2006 and has been a long standing member of the polygraph world.
  • Full member in good standing of The American Polygraph Association, The American Association of Police Polygraphists, The National Polygraph Association and The Northwest Polygraph Examiners Association.
  • Completed the training requirements set forth in the Standards of Practice, approved by the American Polygraph Association Board of Directors, and possesses the requisite knowledge to conduct polygraph testing in conjunction with Sex Offender Treatment and Monitoring Programs.
  • Meets the qualifications and has fulfilled the requirements as set forth by the Sexual Offender Management Board of the State of Idaho, to operate as a Post-Conviction Sexual Offender Polygraph Examiner.
  • Has completed many continuing education courses in the polygraph field over the years.